Working From Home Insurance


Business insurance for home workers

Working from home represents a major trend for many who are tired of commuting to work each day and enjoy the greater freedom that having a home office offers. QuoteRack provides the opportunity for those looking for working from home insurance to get in contact with insurance brokers who will be able to help with business insurance cover for those working from home.

"We had converted the garage into an office, we even had business visitors from time to time, so we knew that a normal home insurance policy would be unlikely to cover us."

It is not just about making sure that you have cover in force for your home workers office furniture, PC's or other home office business equipment. If you receive business visitors, you will need to consider public liability insurance, in case a visitor hurts themselves while on your business premises. Above all, it pays to make sure that your insurance company knows the precise nature of your homeworking activities and has suitably endorsed your home insurance policy to cover you while you are working from home.

For manual homeworkers insurance QuoteRack brokers will take full details of your job, whether you are self-employed and take various other factors into account before offering a no-obligation insurance quote.


"It started off very low-key but before long we had a couple of PC's to insure, a photo-copier and we also held stock at home - working from home covers a multitude of jobs and activities."