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Aged 50+ private medical insurance

If you're reading this, you've probably achieved the ripe old age of 50 and are seeking private health insurance for the over 50's. You probably don't consider yourself to be any more or less of a health risk than you did when you were 49, but many insurance companies who offer health insurance for the over 50's take a different view.

"At the age of 55 and with an excellent health record, I assumed it would be a straightforward matter of just getting a quote. Most mainstream health insurers are happy to quote the over 50's but it does no harm to shop around."

As you get older, arranging health insurance gets progressively more difficult, as the number of health insurance companies who offer private medical insurance for the over 50's begins to drop. So if you are aged 50+, aged 55+, aged 60+ or seeking seeking health insurance after retirement, QuoteRack can help you find the PMI quotes you require to make a choice.

It is something of a paradox that while your car insurance gets cheaper as you get older, your health insurance becomes more expensive. Talking to an expert in over 50 private health insurance would therefore seem to be essential.

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An excellent website for those aged over 50.


"As you get older and towards middle age, you know that the likelihood of needing medical attention will increase, so it makes sense to consider taking out private medical insurance before you reach retirement."

"We have joint husband and wife health insurance cover and as we are both aged over 55 we knew that getting alternative quotes would take a little time and effort, but we're glad we did."