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Motorbike insurance with a poor accident or conviction record

Arranging motorbike insurance if you have previous accidents, convictions, endorsements or insurance claims usually involves submitting your insurance details to a number of insurance brokers individually, explaining each time the circumstances of your insurance claim or motoring conviction. For those with a poor accident or conviction record, QuoteRack allows you to submit your insurance details to a number of expert insurance brokers who will consider your driving record on its individual merits and hopefully be able to offer you a cheap bike insurance quote.

Leaving aside the effects on your motorbike insurance, the consequences of having a road traffic accident while you are riding a motorcycle are potentially far more serious than just about any other form of road travel. The speeds at which modern bikes can travel combined with the vulnerability of the rider and pillion passenger means that any collision is likely to result in some form of personal injury, or worse. If you have been unfortunate enough to have a record of previous motorcycle accidents and your bike insurance company has had to make payments as the result of a motorbike insurance claim, you will of course have to declare this information when requesting a bike insurance renewal quotation.

"It was a rainy night, the road was greasy and the next thing I knew, I was off the bike. There was damage to the fairing and to my leathers - and my pride was rather dented too."

QuoteRack can also help you if you have acquired an unfortunate series of motoring convictions too. With the increasing opportunity to add to the number of driving licence endorsements with the number of speed cameras, laser detectors and red light cameras, it is probably only surprising that more bikers don't have penalty points on their driving licence.

"I was doing 36mph in a 30 limit. 3 points on my licence, a $60 fine and there wasn't another vehicle in sight. The speed camera was hidden behind a tree and by the time I saw it, it was too late to slow down."

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"I am getting dangerously close to the maximum 12 points on my driving licence under the totting-up procedure. I needed a friendly insurance broker who could get me a reasonable quote for my bike insurance."

"I know I have a poor driving record but at least I insure my bike, unlike some who don't bother."