Solar Panels Home Insurance


Home insurance for a property fitted with solar panels

In partnership with expert insurance brokers that specialise in providing solar panels home insurance, you are now able to obtain competitive home insurance if you have invested in roof mounted solar heating panels. It is not widely known that for properties that have had solar panels installed in order to heat their water supply or to heat the property, there may be implications for your home insurance.

QuoteRack enables you to obtain quotes for solar heated houses from a range of specialist insurance brokers who understand the insurance market in relation to solar heating and be able to offer you home insurance quotes for solar heated properties from a range of specialist Australia insurance companies.

"Homeowners need to make sure that their insurance policy covers damage to the solar panels and also any damage or injuryt that the solar panels might cause in the event of a fall"

The availability of specialist insurance for your solar-heated properties means that you can now compare quotes easily and without obligation - submitting your details through QuoteRack means that your solar panel house insurance requirements will be responded to by brokers who specialise in solar heated home insurance.


"The cost of installing or replacing the solar panels should be taken into account when calculating the rebuilding costs for the purposes of your household buildings insurance"

"Even if the solar panels are not owned by the homeowner, the insurers should be made aware that the house is fitted with solar panels for heating purposes"