Travel Insurance for the over 60's


Travel Insurance if you are aged 60+

Travel insurance for the over 60's is available today through our panel of specialist travel insurance brokers - get your quote today.

As you get older and you are considering your travel insurance, especially for retired travellers, insurance companies begin to impose terms and conditions on various types of insurance that they might offer you, one of which is travel insurance for the over 60's. The reason for this is that senior citizen travellers, particularly for those above retirement age, are more likely to require medical and other health-related attention than others, so to offset this increased risk an insurer will increase the premium for over 60's travel insurance or maybe even withdraw travel insurance for the over 65's. Fortunately, QuoteRack can offer older travellers access to insurance brokers that specialise in offering travel insurance for the over 60's and who will attend to your insurance requirements with tact and efficiency.

"Now we are retired, we have the time to take more holidays abroad and arranging a travel insurance policy that took account of our both being over 65 was a real necessity."

Travelling as a senior citizen has many advantages and as the demographic profile of the population changes, there are more older travellers spending their time abroad than ever before and who need older person's travel insurance.

If you are aged over 65, retired or otherwise and enjoy travelling, complete our simple online over 60's travel insurance form to receive competitive quotations for over 60's travel insurance from our specialist brokers.

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"Travel insurance for people over 70 is not so easy to find and I am grateful to the QuoteRack travel insurance specialist broker who helped me get a competitive travel insurance quote"

"Travel insurance for retired holidaymakers is just as important, if not more so, than for younger people. It is reassuring to know that it's possible for find an over 80 travel insurance quote online."