Disabled Driver Car Insurance


Car insurance for disabled drivers

Disabled drivers face specific issues relating to arranging car insurance and finding an insurance specialist who understands these issues can make the difference to obtaining the best disabled driver car insurance quote for the cover you need. For Motability car insurance and Blue Badge holders, QuoteRack enables you to get a competitive Disabled driver car insurance quote here.

"My hand-controlled car is my life-line - I wanted to be sure that it was properly insured and QuoteRack brokers helped me get a great price"

In the case of a disabled driver's car modifications and adaptations (such as hand controls) need to be disclosed and confirmation received from the insurer that the insurance policy conditions will be extended to include the cost of repairing these modifications in the event of a claim.

If you are a disabled person's carer and you need to drive their vehicle, we can also help with carer's car insurance cover too.

In most cases of a disabled person requiring an insurance quote, any driving licence restrictions will also need to be disclosed at the quotation stage and some insurers may ask for a medical report confirming suitability to drive as well.

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"As a disabled driver driving an adapted car means that many insurance companies won't offer a quote because the car is considered to be non-standard. Add to this any driving licence restrictions you might have and obtaining a car insurance quote as a disabled driver can present problems"

"I needed my carer to be added to my car insurance policy as a named driver so they could drive my car; even though it was registered in my name and the policy was in my name, I was not the main driver. "