Motorhome Insurance

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Motorhome and Motor Caravan Insurance

Insuring your motor caravan or motor home

Owning a motorhome, motor caravan or campervan brings with it the responsibility of arranging the appropriate motorhome insurance. As such, you might benefit from the experience of QuoteRack's insurance intermediaries who specialise in motorhome insurance quotes.

"Motorhome insurance is a highly specialist area and we were pleasantly surprised how easy it was to receive very competitive quotes from some very friendly brokers."

There are several manufacturers of motor homes available, including RS, Auto-Sleepers, Mobilvetta, Autoroller, Elnagh, Pilote, Murvi, Swift, Laika and MCL Motorhomes.

"My motorhome is laid up for much of the year and so I only wanted very cheap motorhome insurance to cover me over the summer months."

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Motorhome and Motor Caravan Insurance

"Insuring a motorhome is vital, when you consider the cost of repairing any bodywork damage to such a large vehicle - it pays to consider comprehensive insurance cover"

"It was surprisingly cheap, quick and easy to get a quote for our motor caravan and equipment"