Leaving a Company Health Scheme


If you're leaving your job and want to continue with private health insurance

If your present job includes membership of a company private health insurance scheme, if you leave your job you will probably need to leave the company's health insurance scheme. If you wish to continue the company's health insurance cover, either with the existing health insurance provider or perhaps with a new insurance company, then it would be wise to discuss the options available to you with a specialist financial expert who can guide you through the process of leaving your existing, company-provided health insurance scheme to start your own private health insurance policy.

"I had been with the company for several years and had made a claim under the company's health insurance scheme for a minor medical condition. When I left the company and looked around for alternatives, I found that many health insurance companies would not cover the medical condition, whereas the company's health insurance company would."

There are several considerations to take into account when leaving a company's or a group's health insurance scheme, not least whether the levels of health insurance cover that you enjoyed under the company scheme would be available to you as an individual. In many cases it is possible for you to deal directly with the company's health insurance scheme provider as an individual policyholder, allowing you to maintain the same or similar levels of cover that you had under the company scheme.

This may not be the most cost-effective option and there may be other health insurance companies or schemes that are available to you and under these circumstances, discussing your private health insurance requirements with a properly-authorised expert might make the process of leaving a company's health insurance scheme considerably easier.


"I changed jobs and the new company didn't have a BUPA scheme so if I wanted to have health insurance cover, I had to find a suitable new health insurance policy"

"When leaving a company health scheme it often pays to discuss your health insurance options with a specialist in this field - he can recommend the best option that's right for your personal medical circumstances"