Roofers & Scaffolders Insurance


Liability insurance for scaffolders, roofers and those working at height

For roofers or scaffolders or indeed anybody who is working at height, you may have found that good quality business liability insurance isn't easy - this is a highly-specialised area of business liability cover and requires the skills, knowledge and contacts of specialists in roofers or scaffolders insurance. QuoteRack offers you the chance to compare your insurance renewal with quotes from brokers in our network, who have access to bespoke schemes aimed at both roofers insurance and scaffolders insurance.

"Generally speaking, the higher you work, the higher the insurance risk - using ladders, scaffolding, steeplejacks, those working on roofs - these are all considered by most insurance companies as very high risk occupations."

For roofing contractors, scaffolders, steeplejacks and others working at height, the potential insurance risks include damage to property and vehicles as well as personal injury to employees and members of the public, caused by a range of possible hazards.

If you are a roofer or scaffolder and you are looking for insurance, QuoteRack's specialist insurance brokers will help you - just hit the 'Get a Quote' link to complete your details online.


"For self-employed scaffolders, it is imperative that they have the appropriate level of business liability insurance to cover themselves, the property that they are working on, their workers and the public."

"Roofers often need to use heating equipment at height, which is clearly a substantially higher risk than most other building contractors. For these reasons, roofers insurance has to cover all potential problems."