TV / Film / Radio Celebrity Car Insurance


Car insurance for TV, Film and Famous Celebrities

Car insurance for celebrities is available through QuoteRack from specialist insurance intermediaries who have access to insurance schemes specifically for TV celebrity car insurance, including actor car insurance, actress car insurance and other types of well known personality car insurance.

The difficulties associated with comparing celebrity car insurance are made worse by the lack of insurance companies prepared to offer reasonable terms for film actor car insurance, TV personality car insurance or other Equity members car insurance.

"Everyone needs car insurance, including celebrities, personalities and any well-known person in the public eye. As well a reasonable car insurance quote, they need an insurance broker with discretion and who offers the expected level of service appropriate to celebrity car insurance."


"Actors, actresses, TV stars - finding the right car insurance quotes for celebrities from any walk of life is a challenge and requires specialist insurance knowledge"

"Car insurance for TV and film personalities are available through QuoteRack's specialist insurance broker partners - they are happy to make the appropriate arrangements with agents and personal representatives"