Company Pension Schemes


Arranging a company workplace pension scheme

You may have heard about 'auto enrolment' into workplace pensions and wondered what your company needs to do in order to satisfy its pension obligations to your staff.

As is now required by Governement legislation, for businesses considering setting up and managing a company workplace pension scheme, the prospects might initially seem rather daunting, but assistance is at hand. QuoteRack is able to put you in touch with specialist financial advisers who will listen to your staff retirement plan requirements and then offer advice on how best to set up an employee pension scheme for your business.

"Although ours is a small company, we decided very early on that we wanted to invest in a quality pension scheme for our key staff"

While many final salary pension schemes are being restricted to existing employees, staff who want to join a pension scheme are most likely to be offered a money purchase pension scheme or a stakeholder pension scheme.

The timetable for establishing a workplace pension scheme that meets Government requirements to a large extent depends upon the size of your company. Larger companies are already required to have a pension scheme operational, but for smaller businesses, the date by when a scheme needs to be in place stretches out over the next couple of years.


"Although I am contributing to my company pension scheme, for me it is far more efficient than having a personal pension"

"I looked at workplace pensions and decided that I could offer an enhanced company pension to my staff as an alternative option for them"