Cyber Insurance


Protecting your business against cyber crime, hacking and virus attack

While the Internet and online communication are crucial to the running of a modern-day business, they can also expose your company to significant risk. Indeed, whether your business relies on sophisticated computer networks or just sends out the occasional email – you’re susceptible to cyber crime.

Cyber insurance protects against these online risks, covering your business for damage and losses caused by website hacking, ID fraud and malicious viruses. Only cyber liability insurance can protect against these threats – with traditional liability products simply unable to provide adequate cover.

And as online risks and threats evolve with the emergence of new technologies, a dedicated cyber liability insurance policy is the only way to ensure your business is properly protected.

The importance of cyber insurance

As high-profile companies have found to their cost, cyber crime is a very real danger. If your business has an online presence, you will be aware of the damage that could be caused by hacking – with website downtime potentially leading to days or weeks of lost revenue.

And even if your business doesn’t operate online, everyday computer use like downloading documents or receiving emails could see you contract a crippling virus that results in a loss of key data. Cyber liability insurance covers you for the costs associated with data or software recovery, and for financial damages incurred by online fraud.

With cyber crime a relatively new threat to businesses, cyber liability insurance can be difficult to find in the regular insurance market place. However, QuoteRack’s specialist brokers are on hand to provide a bespoke policy that provides the cover you need.

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"The costs of detecting and removing a computer virus from a business, including the cost of lost revenue and system downtime, can be substantial."

"Website hacking is becoming more and more prevalent; any business that operates online should consider their exposure to hacker attack"