Previous Claim Health Insurance


Adverse claims history private medical insurance

It is an evitable fact of life that many people who have chosen private health insurance will at some point have previously made an insurance claim on their health insurance policy. As with conventional personal insurance, a previous health insurance claim is a factor that health insurance underwriters will need to take into account before offering a quote for previously claimed health insurance.

"I had to make a claim under my private medical insurance, obviously this was through no fault of my own. I had to disclose full details of my medical history as well as getting confirmation from my own doctor, but I managed to get the PMI cover I needed at a very reasonable price."

Many private medical schemes now operate a health insurance no claims bonus feature, not unlike a typical private car insurance policy. As you might expect, if you have to make a claim on your health insurance policy, your insurance premium may rise in the following year at renewal.

This is fine if you stay with the same health insurance company but if you decide to change to another insurer, they will want to know details of your previous medical insurance claims history.


"I found an insurance company that was happy to offer me private medical insurance even though I had previously had surgery under my company health insurance scheme."

"It was easy - the QuoteRack broker took details of my medical history in brief and then came back with a provisional quote for health insurance cover."