Trade Credit Insurance


Insure your business against your customers not paying

Trade credit insurance, or 'debtors insurance' or 'insolvency insurance' as it is sometimes known, insures your business against your customers defaulting on paying your invoices owing to insolvency or bankruptcy.

"Being able to insure your business against non-payment of invoices due to the insolvency of a customer is now available with trade credit insurance."

Trade credit insurance is purchased by a company that wants to insure their accounts receivable against losses arising from a customer - their debtor - becoming insolvent for a variety of reasons.

Debtors insurance, insolvency insurance, these are both terms used for trade credit insurance - to obtain a quote for your business, simply click the 'Get a quote' button.


"Trade credit insurance protects your business against a customer defaulting on your invoices - cover is available for Australia-based companies now"

"Insuring a business against a bad debt caused by a customer going bust makes sense - large invoices leave the company financially exposed and insuring against non-payment is good business sense"