Limited Mileage Car Insurance


Limited mileage insurance for older cars

Normally only available to cars over 10 - 15 years old and as the name implies, a limited mileage car insurance policy is just that - an insurance company offers an often substantial discount from a premium in return for the insured car covering up to an agreed mileage limit. Quite often you will be asked how many miles you are likely to cover over the course of an annual insurance car insurance policy but this is not the same as a limited mileage car insurance policy. In these cases, you will agree to restrict your annual mileage to, say, 1500 agreed miles or perhaps 3000 miles per annum and the insurance premium will be based upon that agreement between you and the insurer. If you exceed the limit, the insurer will either charge a higher premium the following year or in the event of a claim, they may invalidate the policy. So it pays to think carefully before taking out a limited mileage car insurance policy. QuoteRack has brokers who can offer competitive quotes for limited mileage insurance policies.

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By it's nature, a car that only covers a few miles a year will be off the road for the rest of the time. It is therefore important to understand the additional policy terms and conditions that an insurance company might apply in relation to the security of the vehicle while it is effectively laid up.

For a selection of limited mileage car insurance quotes let our brokers do the work for you and get competitive quotes from specialist limited mileage car insurance schemes.

Please note that you may also be required to provide documentary evidence, such as MOT certificates, that your car has only covered a few miles in the year, as a condition of your limited mileage insurance cover. You may also be interested in classic car insurance.


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"Having a restricted mileage insurance policy might sound like a bind but when you car spends 48 weeks of the year in the garage, you may as well get the discount for such a low annual mileage."