Commercial Property Flood Insurance


Insuring your flood-risk business property - shops, offices, pubs etc

Flood damage will affect your business as well as your business premises and without suitable business property flood insurance and in severe cases, it may even threaten the survival of your shop, pub, restaurant or other commercial business.

"Dealing with the effects on your business of flooding means more than just clearing up the flood damage, you also need to get the business operational as quickly as possible"

Despite all of the adverse media coverage, in many cases it is still possible for businesses affected by flooding to find commercial property flood insurance. Cover can include the costs of cleaning up afer the flood has receded, plus the costs to your business of getting up and running again - including business interruption insurance.

Other possible effects on your business may include the cost of short term alternative business premises, replacement of flood damaged stock or business equipment, as well as lost staff wages.

Even when the flood damage has been repaired, additional business costs can include considerations for electrical and gas safety, checking the water supply and for businesses in the food industry, the cost of ensuring the business complies with all food safety standands.

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Business Flood Advice

The following documents have been prepared by the Environment Agency and by the Association of British Insurers - you may find them helpful when considering the potential risks to your business premises of a flood, as well as how to limit the damage a flood can do to your business.


"It is impossible to completely protect any business from the effects of a major flood but you can prepare for the worst by insuring your business premises against flood damage"

"Business property can be insured against flood damage, even if it has been previously flooded or is situated on a flood plain"