Dog Grooming Van Insurance


Insurance for mobile dog groomers

The growth in mobile pet services has meant that the Australia insurance industry are now looking to offer equally specialist types of insurance, including mobile dog grooming van insurance, aimed specifically at business owners who offer this type of mobile dog grooming and similar pet services and who rely upon their vans as their 'mobile grooming salon'.

"Many dog grooming services are carried out in the van itself - if the van is out of commission owing to an accident, the dog grooming business cannot function."

Being mobile and offering a mobile business service such as dog grooming means that many standard van insurance policies are unsuitable or unavailable - so you require access to a specialist van insurance scheme that is being underwritten by insurers who understand the van insurance requirements of mobile dog grooming businesses.

Most dog grooming vans are modified in some way and typically will have specialist dog grooming and preparation equipment in the back of the van, meaning that your insurers will need to know full details of the van, the equipment being carried and the nature of your mobile dog grooming van insurance requirements. Fortunately, in partnership with a specialist insurance broker, you can obtain quotes for your mobile dog grooming van insurance simply and quickly through QuoteRack.


"From an insurance perspective, vans that have been adapted for mobile dog grooming services are effectively modified vehicles that require specialist insurance underwriting"

"Mobile dog grooming business owners are now able to access specialist van insurance schemes created specifically for their needs"