Foster Carers' Home Insurance


Household insurance for foster carers and children in their care

Foster carers home insurance is a highly specialised type of household insurance - and QuoteRack gives you access to quotes for household insurance for foster carers from Australia insurance brokers who specialise in providing buildings and contents cover for families looking after foster children in their care.

"We foster children for mainly short periods and needed to make sure that our home insurance covered us for any children in our care, without having to notify the insurance company when the children arrived or left our care"

The home insurance policy covers you not only for your household contents (and buildings too, if required) but also insures you against any damage caused by the foster children while in your care, as well as their own belongings and your own legal liability while they are in your placement. Complete your details online for a no-obligation quote for foster care home insurance.

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"As foster carers, often looking after teenage children, we needed to make sure that there was cover in place for any accidental damage caused within the home"

"We'd considered most aspects of becoming foster parents but making sure we'd got appropriate foster carers household insurance in place was not such an easy thing to find"