Rare / Unlisted Car Insurance


Insuring an unusual, rare or non-ABI listed car

Rare car insurance is a specialist area of cover and QuoteRack has insurance broker partners who know the insurance market and can find the best rare car insurance cover for you at the best price. Whatever type of unusual car you drive, QuoteRack can help find you insurance for non ABI listed cars at the premium that is right for you.

"I need help finding a rare car insurance quote online, who can help me?"

Finding insurance for a non-ABI listed car can be a challenge and sourcing an insurance quote for a car that's an unlisted vehicle can be even harder. You need a specialist rare car insurance provider, one that has your unusual collectors car listed and can provide you a great insurance quote.

If you have been trying to find rare car insurance or unlisted car insurance then you've found the means to get a quote. Our insurance brokers can help because they are specialists.

If you are looking for a quotation for cheap car insurance but you own a vehicle that does not fit into normal insurance categories or if you are thinking of changing your car and need to consider how much it will cost to insure, then QuoteRack can help you find the best cover from the insurer that can offer you the best quote.


"Before finding this website, I spent ages trying to find insurance for my rare car. I never want to hear 'sorry sir your car is unlisted' again!"

"It was just so easy, entered the details of my car in the rare car insurance quote form and within hours I had two very good quotations."