Timber Frame Home Insurance


Insuring timber-framed property

You might live in a house that has a timber frame construction or you may be considering purchasing a new-build timber frame property or maybe a house that was constructed from ‘non-standard building materials’ some years ago. However your property was constructed and whatever its age, if it has a timber frame then the likelihood is that you will require a specialist home insurance policy that takes into account the unconventional construction methods used when the property was built.

The term ‘timber frame construction’ itself is open to differing interpretations and is dependent upon the time when it was built – most new-build properties tend to be constructed of brick over a wood frame with plasterboard inner walls and with a conventional tiled roof, whereas older timber frame properties may have had a timber frame that had various types of ‘infill’, such as render or wattle and daub.

Modern timber frame homes that are pre-fabricated off-site offer significant savings in both construction time and the cost of building a new home. With building regulations changing to accommodate these new types of property and their specific safety requirements, ‘timber frame kits’ are becoming increasingly and understandably popular. Many mainstream home insurance companies will these days accept that newly-built timberframe houses are of a sufficiently high standard that they may be prepared to offer you a buildings insurance quote at standard terms. This is fine but you should not assume that this is the case and in any event, if you are aware that your home has a timber frame construction, you need to inform your insurance company from the outset.

Many insurers have differing views on how to underwrite an insurance policy for a timber-framed home and it is not until you read the small print that you may find some significant exclusions, including your choice of heating, the use of open fires and how much wood is used in the overall construction of the property.

How to get a quote for timber frame buildings insurance

Under these circumstances, it makes sense to discuss your insurance requirements with insurance brokers who are specialists in arranging insurance for timber frame properties of any age and of any construction. QuoteRack can help you to begin this process simply and quickly – click the 'Get a Quote' button on the right side of this page and you will be asked to complete a simple online form. Once completed, this form will be sent to insurance brokers who specialise in arranging insurance for timber frame properties – they will contact you directly with their best quotes and it is then up to you whether you wish to proceed.


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