Unusual and Rare Pet Insurance


Insuring a rare breed of pet

Some people like to be a little bit different - here at QuoteRack, we can relate to that. Having something that's a bit more unusual as a pet might make the neighbours raise an eyebrow, but the practicalities of owning a rare pet breed tend to make themselves more obvious when it comes to providing insurance cover for rare breeds. Insurers know that for some unusual pets, the cost of veterinary fees will be higher - so they increase their premiums accordingly. So what might seem like a good idea, having a ferret or a pot bellied pig as a pet, when it comes to insuring a rare pet, you may be in for a surprise.

"We have a python - and yes, it's called Monty. What else could you call it? We got him after our tarantula was sold - he was called Peter Parker."

Being inventive and imaginative when it comes to insuring the rare and unusual breeds can have a downside - there are not as many insurers offering insurance quotes for these types of unusual pets.


"We wanted something a bit radical, so we eventually bought a llama - and now, we breed them and our interest in rare breeds has turned into a business."

"I know we get funny looks but that's OK - as long as we know that if we needed to go to the vets, the medical fees are insured, that's fine."