Classic Bike Insurance


Insurance for classic motorcycles

Classic motorbike insurance has grown in step with the huge interest in classic and vintage motorcycles among many bikers and riders. Collectable and cherished motorbikes cover many makes from several countries across many years. QuoteRack can help you arrange insurance for vintage motorcycles through our network of expert insurance brokers who specialise in offering insurance quotes for classic bikes.

"I have collected many classic motorbikes over the years, including Matchless, Vincent, Ariel, BSA and Harley Davidson. They have all been special in their own way and getting the right insurance cover for such timeless classics is all part of looking after a cherished bike."

Many classic bikes rarely see the open road other than on dry summer days, so the insurance cover that you require a quote for should reflect this. As with a private car, for bikes of a certain age it is quite possible to request a limited mileage bike insurance policy, whether you own just one or you wish to insure a classic bike collection. QuoteRack will be pleased to help you obtain the type of classic motorcycle insurance quotes that you require.

"I have previously owned a Norton, BMW, MV Agusta and an original Triumph Bonneville - getting cheap insurance cover is not a problem with QuoteRack."


"My hobby is the restoration of classic motorcyles, getting them back to their original condition is a real challenge. I need to know that the insurance cover I have includes an agreed value."

"I have a small collection of 4 vintage bikes and I have an insurance policy that covers them all."