High Value Life Insurance


High sum-insured life cover

For those seeking high value life insurance, it needs to be borne in mind that the life insurance industry is in the business of assessing risk and providing cover. A large number of customers each requiring reasonably modest levels of life cover allows life insurance companies to spread their risk over a wide number of individuals.

They become far more discerning when a few individuals represent large potential life insurance claims, such as those requesting large sum insured life insurance. In these cases insurers are likely to be far more interested in the health, occupations and pastimes of each client and take particular interest in reasons why such a high level of life insurance cover is being requested.

"I needed life cover for a large sum insured - my home, my financial commitments meant that I had to apply for a large value life insurance policy."

QuoteRack independent financial advisers are specialists who have experience with placing high value sums insured and will be able to help you obtain the right type of high sum insured life insurance cover for your particular financial circumstances.


"Insuring your life for a high value turned out to be easier than I had expected - expert and independent financial advice was the solution for me."