Student Contents Insurance


Student possessions insurance - living away from home

As a university student or college student living away from home, whether you are in university halls or you are renting privately, you will need to insure your student accommodation and your belongings, or ‘contents’, as they are referred to by insurance companies.

"I was in university halls of residence for the first year, after that I was sharing a house with other students. Even with my own room, I needed to make sure my belongings were insured"

As a student, you will require a specialist type of student contents insurance policy that covers your particular lifestyle. Many standard home contents insurance policies will not cover student living accommodation as they believe it represents a higher risk than a normal domestic home insurance policy.

You may be sharing your living accommodation with other students and you may not have the same levels of security that you enjoy when you live at home. You may have to leave your flat or room unoccupied but also unlocked for periods of the day, which again means that your insurance company will take into account when assessing your particular student possessions insurance requirements.

So if you are looking for the best quote and the best advice that comes from dealing with insurance brokers who specialise in your particular circumstances as a student, where better to look than QuoteRack - the website that can put you in touch with the student insurance specialists.


"I shared a house with four other students - living away from home, Mum and Dad wanted to know that my student accommodation and my personal possessions were fully insured."

"One of the other students had their room burgled, everything of value was taken. My parents had already arranged cover for my student digs but it was still a great shock."