Sports Event Insurance


Insurance for sports events, sports competitions and public events

Sporting event cancellation insurance, sports event public liability insurance, including cover for indoor and outdoor sports events - these are the types of sports event insurance for which 's brokers are able to offer insurance quotes and cover.

"Our amateur athletics club holds an athletics meeting, including track and field events, every other weekend during the season and arranging suitable public liability cover and event cancellation insurance for such a series of events had previously proven to be very difficult."

Public liability insurance cover is typically required for the visiting general public, although it may also help to provide sports event cancellation insurance and also insurance against any injuries sustained by competitors during the event. The types of sports event that may benefit from such cover include judo and related martial arts, boxing, badminton, tennis, squash, swimming events, horse and pony trials - the list is almost limitless. If you are seeking professional help with arranging insurance for a sports event, please use the online enquiry form.


"We organise a point-to-point race meeting every summer and we have visitors coming from miles around. Insuring against the different types of cancellation and public liability risks we face was made very straightforward"

"Discussing our proposed sports event arrangements with the insurance broker beforehand proved to be very worthwhile, we never realised the type of insurance cover we would need in order to be fully insured"