Lamborghini Car Insurance


Insuring your Lamborghini through specialist insurance brokers

Diablo...Murciélago...Gallardo....names that conjur up images of wonderful Lamborghini models, past and present. Whilst somewhat more mundane and far less evocative, arranging Lamborghini car insurance for owners of such models is no less significant; for Lamborghini owners, making sure you have your car properly insured for its true value, its annual mileage and its use are critically important if you are to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your Lambo is fully insured.

Lamborghini car insurance quotes available through

"The Countach I have owned for many years is not an easy car to drive, very heavy on the steering and on the fuel. After filling in the online QuoteRack form, I was contacted by an insurance broker who specialises in insurance schemes for Lamborghinis of all ages. The quote was fine, the service excellent"

Whichever Lamborghini you drive, perhaps a Gallardo is your daily drive or you have a classic Miura tucked away for high days and holidays, arranging appropriate Lamborghini car insurance is straightforward and takes a minimum of time and effort; your Lamborghini insurance cover can be arranged over the phone with the broker and your insurance policy documents will be despatched shortly afterwards.


"My Lamborghini Murciélago covers about 2,500 miles a year and only my wife and I drive it - when I let her. It is stored in a secure barn the rest of the time and the insurance broker took full details of this and all other relevant details. He came back with a terrific quote for insuring my Lamborghini on a limited mileage basis."

"The Gallardo is company owned and is on a contract hire agreement - this has previously proved to be a problem but thankfully the insurance broker was able to get a quote for the car on this basis of ownership"