Group Income Protection


Company Permanent Health Insurance

Offering your employees a group income protection scheme, sometimes known as permanent health insurance or long term sick pay, as an employer looking to recruit the best staff the provision of various finanical employee benefits can go a long way towards enhancing your staff retention.

Many companies will continue to pay their staff in the event of genuine illness or an accident that prevents them from working. There comes a point, however, regardless of how generous an employer you might consider yourself, that you may be faced with the unenviable choice to stop paying a member of staff who is suffering from a long term incapacity.

In these circumstances, having a group income protection scheme in place will help you to avoid such a dilemma and also provide your employees with an additional company benefit.

Long term sick pay schemes are just that - they provide your employees with the security of knowing that in the event of long-term inability to work, they will continue to receive an income throughout the agreed term of the policy.

For employers, there are additional benefits as well, including the ability to offset permanent health insurance scheme premiums against the business's Corporation Tax.


"Permanent health insurance is not viewed as a benefit in kind, so neither the employer nor the employee will be stung by additional NIC liability"

"I want to make sure that my loyal staff are looked after in the event that anything unfortunate happens and providing a company permanent health scheme is one way I can achieve this"