Pre-Existing Condition Health Insurance


Health insurance for existing medical conditions

For those unfortunate enough to have a medical history or existing health problems and who are looking for private health insurance, QuoteRack gives you the opportunity to discuss your private medical insurance requirements with insurance experts who may be able to offer you health insurance for a pre-existing medical condition.

"My diabetes is under control and has been stable for many years. I knew it would be a factor when it came to arranging medical insurance but I am grateful to the QuoteRack brokers who took the time to help me find the best policy for my needs."

The range of pre-existing health conditions that can afflict any of us is long and of course everyone is unique. Cancer, coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, type 2 diabetes, depression, organ transplant and high cholesterol are all examples of long term medical conditions that would require individual underwriting terms before cover could be considered.

It is no surprise that many who suffer from an existing medical history believe that they are unable to obtain quotes for private medical insurance. This is not necessarily the case and QuoteRack's network of specialist health insurance brokers will be pleased to offer you advice, information and quotations regarding any existing medical conditions you may have.

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"I've suffered from angina for some time and while it does not affect my life, I wanted to make sure my health insurance company knew exactly what my medical history was before they gave me a policy."

"High blood pressure has always been a problem for me but fairly easy to control - the insurance quotes I received for my private health cover took this into account."