Mortgage Protection Insurance


Repaying your mortgage in the event of your death

There is a difference between mortgage protection insurance, which repays your mortgage in the event of your death, and mortgage payment protection, which protects you against making your mortgage payments in the event that your lose your job, or are off work due to accident or sickness. QuoteRack can help you with both, through our network of specialist independent financial advisers who will be pleased to help with providing you with mortgage protection quotes.

"I have a repayment mortgage and I wanted a mortgage protection policy that would provide me with life cover that would reduce over time as the amount of my outstanding mortgage decreased."

Mortgage protection will typically be taken out at the same time that you take out a new mortgage, whether that is a repayment mortgage or an interest only mortgage.

QuoteRack will send your mortgage protection insurance requirements directly to an IFA who specialises in providing quotes for mortgage protection policies and they will respond to you directly, depending upon your requirements.


"I found a real variation in the monthly premiums I was quoted for the different types of mortgage protection policies - the IFA explained the subtle differences between them, including level term and decreasing term mortgage protection"

"Following my latest remortgage, I had completely overlooked the need to top up my mortgage protection insurance so that it covered me for the full amount of my new mortgaqe"