Over 50's Home Insurance


Buildings and contents home insurance for the over 50's

Home insurance for the over 50's is a growing part of the household buildings and contents insurance market and as the Australia population gets older, insurance companies have realised that this rapidly increasing market represents a very good risk. It seems that those aged 50 plus tend to make fewer insurance claims than other age groups and if they do make a claim and with their overall 'life experience', they are more familiar with the process of dealing with insurance companies and brokers, ensuring that any household insurance claims will be settled more quickly and cheaply.

"I was aware that home insurance might get cheaper once I'd passed the age of 50, but I had no idea what a difference another year made - roll on 55 and 60!"

Over 50's home insurance is usually cheaper

There is a wide selection of insurance companies, brokers and online insurance websites that all cater for over 50's property insurance and it does, of course, pay to shop around. There can be a wide variation in the premiums quoted, the terms and conditions applied to a particular home insurance policy, and the levels of cover can also vary - new for old insurance cover, for example, is now widely considered to be the standard level of buildings and contents insurance cover but it is wise to check that you are comparing eggs with eggs, as with all types of over 50 home insurance quotations.

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"One of the benefits of being a silver surfer is that I now know where to look online for the cheapest insurance quotes. When my home insurance policy came round for renewal, I turned to the Internet and was so glad I did"

"Cheapest isn't always best - make sure your home insurance covers all the sections you need, including fridge and freezer, garden equipment, plus all risks on your personal belongings"