Life insurance - Family History


If your family has a medical history

If you or members of your family have had any hereditary health problems and you are seeking insurance quotes for life insurance or other financial advice, then it is worth looking to QuoteRack to do the hard work for you. Our specialist independent financial advisors are well-placed to offer the best deal for those with a family history of health issues.

Any life insurance company looking to provide you with life insurance cover must decide whether or not you are an acceptable risk. If you or any members of your family have had a genetic disorder or there is a family history of a particular disease or medical condition, they will want to check on your general state of health before deciding what premiums to charge for the life insurance cover you require.

"Both of my sisters have had breast cancer and I have been genetically tested to see if I am at risk. I now need to disclose this information to my life insurance company, so they know exactly what my circumstances are."

In most instances the life insurance company will be able to offer terms without the need for you to undergo a medical, although they do have the right to request an examination if they feel it is necessary. Just because they request a medical does not always mean they are going to charge you higher premiums. When it comes to obtaining life insurance with a family health history, it pays to make sure you are fully protected.


"Both my parents died from heart disease, as did my uncle, so I am aware of this as a potential consideration when it comes to getting life insurance quotes."