Company Health Insurance


Company employee private health insurance

Despite being considered a 'benefit in kind' for personal tax purposes, many employees still consider membership of a company private health insurance scheme to be well worth the associated tax liability. From an employer's point of view, providing company private medical insurance means that they know that their employees are likely to be taken care of more quickly than if they were entirely dependent upon the NHS. As a risk management consideration, therefore, company private medical health insurance makes sound commercial sense. We can assist company directors and HR specialists to arrange employee health insurance cover at highly attractive rates.

"We always assumed that providing a company private medical insurance scheme for our employees would be prohibitively expensive, but we have found that it has improved staff loyalty and reduced staff turnover - health insurance provided by the employer is considered by many employees to be one of the most attractive employment perks"

There are various company private health insurance schemes from a wide range of specialist health insurers, including BUPA, AXA PPP, Standard Life, Aviva, PruHealth and several others.


"Companies who provide a company health insurance scheme to their employees do so because they value their staff's continued presence at work and also wish to attract - and keep - the best people for their business"

"Even small businesses are able to set up company health insurance schemes, whether for the company's directors and senior management, or as an option for all employees"