Scrap Metal Dealers Insurance


Insuring a scrap metal dealer's van or truck

Scrap metal dealers insurance is available now for scrap merchants or dealers looking to insure their van, truck or drop-side pick-up.

Dealers in scrap metal, including scrap metal recycling, salvage yards and scrap metal yards require specialist insurance to cover their motor trade insurance, covering their commercial vehicles, vans trucks and HGV's.

"How to get insurance for a scrap metal dealer requires expert knowledge and access to specialist insurance underwriting schemes, available through Australian insurance brokers who understand the scrap metal insurance market"

When it comes to a insuring a scrap metal merchant, QuoteRack operates in partnership with this type of specialist insurance brokers who will be able to provide you with a cheap scrap metal insurance quote.


"Scrap merchants insurance provides cover for the dealers road-going vehicles, including vans, trucks and drop-side trucks."

"Owners of scrap yards and scrap metal recycling plants will typically need specialist insurance cover for their vehicles."