Flood Risk Home Insurance


Insurance for property in an area liable to flooding

If you are one of the estimated 5 million homeowners living in areas of the Australia that are considered to be at risk of flooding, then you are likely to be aware of the implications that living in a flood-risk area can have for home insurance, either buildings or contents or both. If you have lived through the trauma of having your home previously flooded, or if you are living in a flood plain area that has fortunately so far escaped being flooded, then Australia insurance companies will take these aspects into account when underwriting your insurance premium.

"Nice to find an online insurance website that primarily deals with those of us who live on a flood plain." Miss J.T., Preston

Depending upon your geographical area, including whether you live close to a river, estuary or other area that might be susceptible to flooding, to some extent most insurers rely upon the Environment Agency flood plain warnings summary to give them an understanding of the potential threat of your house or property being flooded. If you have not previously visited the Environment Agency website that has been created to help people who live or work in flood-risk areas, you will find that it provides a range of information in respect of sea and river levels in your area, how you can prepare for flooding and who to contact for help if you are unlucky enough to be caught out by a flood.

QuoteRack offers you the opportunity to submit details of your household buildings and/or contents insurance requirements to insurance brokers who have a particular knowledge of insuring properties that are at-risk of flooding, in either inland or coastal areas. They have access to specialist underwriting schemes that have been tailored specifically for homeowners who need guidance with insuring their properties, as well as access to competitively-priced home insurance.

You need to make sure that all aspects of your insurance requirements are covered, including the cost of drying-out the property after a flood and other potentially expensive aspects of clearing up after a flood, including the cost of possible damage to the structure of your home during or after a flood.

How to get a quote for flood risk home insurance

If you click the orange 'Get a Quote' button on the right hand side of this web page you will be taken to a simple online form that, when complete, will be sent instantly to an insurance broker who will be able to respond quickly to your request for a quote. Depending upon your circumstances, he may need some additional information but typically you will receive your household insurance quote by phone quickly and without obligation.

If you have tried other ways of obtaining insurance quotes for a property that is at risk of flooding and not been successful so far, or if you have received your insurance renewal and it has increased significantly, then you are welcome to enquire through QuoteRack for your flood-risk property insurance quote.


"We were flooded in 2005 and again in 2009 - our insurance cover is more expensive but I dread to think how we might have coped without having the right flood insurance cover."

"The house in a coastal area liable to flooding from the sea and getting insurance cover for the property seems to get more difficult and more expensive each year, but we wouldn't want to live anywhere else."